• Sunlight in the tank.

    How agile development methods help to overcome fears concerning the range of electric cars.





  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

  • 50 Years EDAG: Tomorrow Now.

EDAG do Brasil is increasing brand awareness through events

We are experts in the development of vehicles, production plants and the optimisation of your processes.

When it comes to automobile development, our customers need someone with a fully integrated approach. With a passion for development. That's us. That’s EDAG.

Our brand centers not only on seeing ourselves as technical and technological development experts, but also on using human development as the driving force behind our services and expertise. We want to inspire people. With better solutions. This is not simply idealism, it's what drives us forwards.

Throughout 2016 EDAG do Brasil will continue to strengthen and position its brand in the automotive world by participating in various events.

Our first event will be the VII Fórum da Indústria Automobilística held by Automotive Business on March 28th. EDAG do Brasil is part of this event as one of the important sponsors. This event comprises of many debates, workshops and gives valuable insights and information for professionals in the automotive sector. The main themes of this event are automotive supply chain, engineering and the current market. 

In the second half of 2016 the Brazil-Germany Engineers Association, VDI, will celebrate their 8th Engineering Day. This event covers actual topics in engineering and is of great importance for companies and professionals who want to form future trends and technologies. EDAG do Brasil will be one of the sponsors of this great day and will present its brand and services.

SAE Brasil celebrates 25 years. The congress takes place from 25th to 27th October 2016. EDAG do Brasil, who has been part of this congress for more than 10 years, will participate yet again. For the second consecutive year, Mr. Martin Vollmer (Managing Director, EDAG do Brasil) will be Chairman of the exhibition committee. The SAE Brasil Congress is the largest and most comprehensive Mobility Engineering Event in Latin America and one of the most important in the world focused on OEMs and the supply chain. This year's theme will be "Engineering Creating Mobility of the Future - Intermodal - Connectivity - Vehicles and Intelligent Systems".