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    How agile development methods help to overcome fears concerning the range of electric cars.

Vehicle development

With over 40 years' experience covering the complete spectrum of engineering applications, we are experts in vehicle development. It is therefore essential for us to keep an eye not only on the big picture, but also on the all-important details. From preliminary development and series development to series support after the start of production of individual parts, modules and the development of complete vehicles - we combine expert knowledge with the latest lightweight construction material technology trends.  For you, this means an optimum implementation of your vehicle concepts, both technically and economically. From the module to the complete vehicle: with us, your engineering challenge is in good hands.

Package & concepts

The art of the package lies in arranging the components and modules in the vehicle. Not just any old how, but in such a way as to ensure that geometrical and functional requirements are met. Today's cars have intelligent module structures that make it possible to provide the high number of vehicle variants demanded.

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Body in white

New materials, new steel qualities, design amendments – in the course of time, a great many different challenges and technologies have had their effect on a vehicle's body in white.

The aim is always the same: optimum product properties at minimum cost and weight. Our task is to ensure that no conflicting aims arise between these new requirements and quality standards. And, of course, bearing the subsequent production in mind. We call this production-optimised development.

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Doors, lids, gates

Over the years, door, lid and gate systems have developed into highly complex modules.

The aim is to meet not only the technical, but also the ergonomic and legal requirements of the module.

To ensure that the design will not have to be altered at a later date, attention is paid to the joints and to assuring technical feasibility during the design validation phase.

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The customer's comfort plays a central role in the development of interior components. The car needs to feel right as soon as he gets into it for the first time. A feeling that is typical for that particular brand of car and clearly distinguishes it from other brands. At EDAG, we know what to do to ensure that the first, decisive impression is positive.

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What applies for the interior applies equally for the exterior: the outward appearance presented by a car must conform with the values typical of the particular brand. The same also applies to the development of the add-on parts. For spoilers, panels, windows, glass roof systems or complete modules, e.g. bumper systems, we are the engineering specialists for add-on parts.

In addition, working within a network of OEMs, suppliers and tool makers, we also guarantee active and passive safety requirements, for instance for passenger and pedestrian protection.

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Light & Sight

There is probably no component that makes a more marked contribution to the appearance of a car than its lights. They give a vehicle character and its own unique expression. Whether they are refined, grand, friendly or even aggressive - the lights are the "eyes" of a car, and are today optimised to give the desired effect.

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Seating systems

They need to provide more and more "feel good" comfort, better ergonomics, but nevertheless be compact, light and affordable - the demands placed on modern car seats go in every conceivable direction. And to make sure that these demands do not rule each other out, our seat development staff work on new concepts with new materials and new structures.

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Roof systems

Modern roof systems like those in today's cabriolets are designed to do a whole lot more than just protect the passengers from the effects of wind and the weather. Sometimes the focus is on minimum noise generation, sometimes on ensuring that it takes up as little space as possible when it is folded down, and sometimes on creating a particularly high-quality look or neat locking mechanism. No matter what focal point is called for, we will take on the concept development for roof systems and their components for you.

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The future of the automobile will be determined by different powertrain concepts. In addition to performance variations, the importance of alternative drive concepts such as Electric and Hybrid drives increase, but for a long time the traditional internal combustion engine is of high importance and will remain.

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Chassis / Driving dynamics

Even the chassis of the future will be increasingly smarter and more efficient. It defines no longer just the vehicle with its typical driving behavior, it also became an important part of any strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. New lightweight materials are used in the chassis and all components are increasingly more interconnected with actuators and sensors. This comes all together to smart, forward-looking chassis system.

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